Oman announces remote learning due to heavy rains for safety

In response to the recent rains, all schools nationwide have adopted remote learning.

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The Sultanate of Oman's Ministry of Education has announced that, in an effort to put student safety first, all public, private, and foreign institutions will no longer be offering in-person instruction as of Wednesday, April 17. Dhofar and Al Wusta governorates are not included in this instruction, nevertheless.

The National Committee for Emergency Management, pertinent authorities, and weather warnings published by the National Multi-Hazard Early Warning Center were consulted in the process of the Ministry's decision. This preventive action has been motivated by the heavy rains that are expected to continue because of a continuous trough that is hitting several governorates inside the Sultanate. On Thursday, April 18, regular school operations are anticipated to resume as soon as the weather improves. This action demonstrates the government's dedication to ensuring students' safety during inclement weather. Authorities hope to reduce the risks involved in going to school in bad weather by switching to remote learning.

Remote learning offers a practical solution to ensure continuity in education while ensuring the safety and welfare of students. It allows for the delivery of lessons and educational materials through digital platforms, enabling students to engage in learning activities from the safety of their homes. This approach aligns with global trends in education, where technology plays an increasingly vital role in facilitating learning opportunities beyond traditional classroom settings.

The move to remote learning is a proactive response to the unpredictability of weather-related disruptions, even if it may bring logistical challenges for both teachers and pupils. Without sacrificing safety regulations, schools can preserve pedagogical continuity by utilizing digital tools and resources. In the face of natural disasters and calamities, Oman's dedication to putting its inhabitants' welfare, especially that of its youth, first is reflected in this flexible strategy.

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