Sharjah court orders a man to accommodate his wife at home during divorce

An important legal order was just made by the Khor Fakkan Federal Court, requiring a man to house his ex-wife and their kids in their marital home until the divorce is finalized.

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This decision also requires the guy to pay related costs, which takes effect right now.

The ex-wife had filed a detailed petition with the Khor Fakkan Federal Court, requesting to continue living in the marital residence until the end of her children's current school year. She emphasized how unfeasible it would be to move to her father's house, which was located a good distance from her kids' schools. She contended that such a change would unnecessarily interfere with their psychological and educational development. She further said that because she had started divorce proceedings against her husband, he was putting pressure on her to leave the property.

According to the woman, she had tried to settle the conflict amicably by filing a document with the case management office asking for a divorce from her partner. She also demanded that her spouse pay the deferred dowry that was specified in their marriage contract and alimony for the waiting period. She said that even though there was a legally binding contract in place, her husband continued to mistreat her. She also asked for verification of her rights to custody of their kids and asked her husband to be forced to pay for their rent, utilities, internet, and any medical expenses their kids might experience.

It was disclosed that the defendant had resorted to threats of eviction following the initiation of divorce proceedings, prompting the plaintiff to seek judicial intervention to ensure her continued residence in the marital abode until a final verdict was reached. Consequently, the court decreed that the man must uphold his obligation to provide accommodation for his ex-wife and their children within the marital home until the resolution of the divorce proceedings.

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