IndiGo Airlines introduces Dubai-Surat direct flights and broadens Middle East network

Indian budget airline IndiGo has unveiled plans to introduce direct flights between Dubai and Surat, often referred to as the "diamond city" in the Indian state of Gujarat.

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IndiGo, a prominent Indian budget airline, has announced its decision to launch direct flights connecting Dubai and Surat, a city renowned as the "diamond city" in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Set to commence operations on February 23, these new flights, part of IndiGo's extended Middle East network, are scheduled to run three times a week.

This strategic expansion seeks to streamline travel for both leisure and business travelers, fostering seamless connectivity and promoting bilateral economic growth and stronger ties between India and the UAE, as articulated in the airline's official statement. With the introduction of this route, Surat will emerge as the second city in Gujarat to have direct air connectivity to Dubai within the IndiGo network.

In conjunction with this development, IndiGo has also revealed plans to increase the frequency of its flights on the Hyderabad-Dubai route, starting from February 22.

Vinay Malhotra, the Head of Global Sales at IndiGo, emphasized that these additional flights will bring the total number of direct flights to Dubai operated by the airline to 108 per week, originating from 13 cities across India. The augmented connectivity between Dubai and Surat is expected not only to boost tourism but also to create fresh trade opportunities, contributing to economic growth in both cities.

This initiative aligns with IndiGo's broader strategy of expanding its footprint in key international markets and addressing the growing demand for air travel between India and the Middle East. The introduction of these direct flights underscores the airline's commitment to providing convenient and efficient travel options, thereby enhancing overall connectivity and stimulating economic development in the regions involved.

As IndiGo continues to strengthen its presence in international travel markets, this move reflects the airline's adaptability to market demands and its proactive approach to meeting the evolving needs of travelers between India and the Middle East.

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