GDRFA busts International Criminal Network in Dubai

The elimination of an international criminal network involved in illegal immigration activities, targeting European nations, was declared by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA).

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This is a noteworthy achievement. This operation, spearheaded by the GDRFA's Director General, Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, demonstrated the agency's dedication to protecting the area.

Strategic Operation to Ensure Safety and Security

Lt. Gen. Al Marri underscored the importance of meticulous surveillance in identifying and monitoring the criminal ring. The tracking system employed gathered comprehensive data on illegal activities, investigations, and previous findings and maintained a robust database, proving instrumental in the success of the operation.

Commitment to safety and technological advancements

Emphasising the GDRFA's commitment to security, Lt. Gen. Al Marri outlined the department's focus on strengthening preparedness, leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, enhancing staff efficiency, and fostering collaboration with national and international security organizations. The collaborative approach is essential for addressing and mitigating threats associated with cross-border crimes.

Coordinated efforts and enhanced resources

The successful operation reflects the coordinated efforts of the GDRFA in collaboration with strategic partners. The continual enhancement of both human and technical resources played a pivotal role. Ongoing field surveillance and monitoring efforts were crucial in identifying the key orchestrator of the criminal network's logistical operations.

Swift Apprehension Through Continuous Monitoring

Throughout the operation, the gang members were closely watched from the moment they arrived at the hotel until they left. Their quick capture and following judicial actions were prompted by airport surveillance footage that revealed their involvement in questionable activities connected to illegal immigration operations.

Intelligence, Collaboration, and Rapid Response

GDRFA sources revealed that the person in charge of logistics was under constant surveillance and implicated in facilitating an illegal immigration plan through a major airport. A collaborative effort, including the airport police of the Ministry of the Interior, enabled the quick apprehension of all gang members. The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution was promptly informed of the individuals apprehended.

Global Security Strengthened Through Collaboration

This operation underscores the significance of global and national collaboration in addressing security challenges. Authorities aim to create a safer and more secure environment by reinforcing overall security measures and effectively combating transnational crimes. The success of this operation reflects the commitment to ensuring the well-being of residents and visitors in Dubai.

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