Emaar unveils free home repairs after Dubai rain damage

The leading real estate company in Dubai, Emaar, has promised to help affected homeowners in all of its communities in Dubai with free repairs in the wake of the severe rains.

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Entrepreneur Mohamed Alabbar stressed Emaar's commitment to the welfare of its residents.

The initiative encompasses both new and existing residences within Emaar's developments and extends to all damages attributable to the recent downpours. Since the onset of severe rains on April 16, Emaar's facility management and community management teams have been actively engaged in addressing various challenges arising from the adverse weather conditions. They have worked tirelessly to alleviate issues such as water clogging, demonstrating their commitment to assisting customers around the clock.

In keeping with these efforts, Emaar has reaffirmed its commitment to fixing all of the residences in its developments that were impacted by the recent severe weather in Dubai, free of charge to the homeowners. Alabbar reaffirmed Emaar's unwavering dedication to guaranteeing the security and well-being of its inhabitants and interested parties. Reiterating that Emaar will pay for the costs of renovating buildings affected by the recent rainfall, he emphasized the company's proactive approach to addressing issues created by unfavorable weather circumstances.

Emaar's proactive approach to community support has been a consistent hallmark of its operations. Alabbar reiterated the company's dedication to providing comprehensive assistance to its community members during times of need. Emaar's dedicated teams are actively collaborating with local authorities to assess and restore the properties affected by the inclement weather.

The repair assistance applies to all properties, regardless of age, that have proven harm directly due to recent rains and have been reported with Emaar's call center. Emaar hopes that by launching this initiative, it will help its inhabitants return to normalcy more quickly, ensuring a smooth transition back to their regular lives.

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