Dubai Real Estate Records 16.6 Billion AED Transactions in a Week

The Dubai Land Department reports a substantial surge in real estate transactions, reaching a remarkable AED 16.59 billion.

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The department recorded 3,785 sales, totaling AED 12.4 billion, with notable transactions in land and properties.

Land Sales:

Land sales witnessed significant transactions, with values amounting to AED 4.91 billion. The Al Yalayis 5 area led with sales worth AED 2.43 billion, followed by Al Habiyah 4th and Al Quoz 2nd areas.

Region-wise Highlights:

  • Palm Jebel Ali recorded the highest number of sales, totaling 35 and valued at AED 850.21 million.
  • Notable sales in Hind City 4 (29 sales, AED 52.87 million) and Al Habiyah 5 (18 sales, AED 58.5 million).

Apartment and villa sales:

Significant transactions in apartments and villas amounted to AED 7.49 billion. Palm Jumeirah saw the highest sale at AED 720 million, followed by Dubai Investment Park and Island 2 areas.

Top Areas for Apartment/Villa Sales:

  • Al Barsha South Fourth: 426 sales, AED 476.28 million
  • Business Bay: 247 sales, AED 384.9 million
  • Dubai Marina: 192 sales, AED 926.9 million

Mortgages and Donations:

  • Mortgages reached AED 2.29 billion, with the Al Sufouh 2 area leading at AED 509.2 million.
  • Donations totaled 257, with Palm Jumeirah at AED 583.21 million and Burj Khalifa at AED 283.6 million.

Today's Transactions:

Real estate transactions for the day hit AED 1.3 billion, featuring 305 sales. The Palm Jebel Ali area led with five sales, amounting to AED 124.46 million.

Key Apartment/Villa Sales Today:

  • Island 2: AED 62.1 million
  • Al Barsha South Fourth: AED 56.35 million
  • Al Thanyah Fourth: AED 46.5 million

Mortgages and Donations Today:

  • Mortgages: AED 164.04 million, highlighted by Al Thanyah Fourth at AED 24.04 million.
  • Donations: AED 198.45 million, with Palm Jumeirah leading at AED 112.46 million.

Moreover, Dubai's real estate sector continues to witness robust activity, reflecting confidence and investment interest in the market.

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