Dubai Police Takes Action on 4,420 Violations, Targets Reckless Drivers

In honor of the 52nd Federation Day in the UAE's Dubai, the Dubai Police acted promptly to ensure safety and order. They confiscated 94 vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, and handed out an impressive 4,420 "dangerous tickets" to drivers who failed to adhere to the stipulated celebration guidelines.

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Dubai Police Crack Down on Violations During 52nd Federation Day Celebrations

The bulk of violations, according to Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of Dubai Police's General Traffic Department, happened in the Al Ruwayyah and Jumeirah neighborhoods, along with a few other residential and recreational areas. Disregarding traffic laws on both internal and exterior roadways, a group of drivers caused mayhem and disturbed the lives of the people living there.

Chaos and parades

These unruly drivers not only violated traffic rules but also organized spontaneous parades, ignoring police instructions. Their actions resulted in traffic disruptions and road blockages, showcasing a blatant disregard for public safety.

Recorded Violations

The recorded violations encompassed a range of offenses, including equipping vehicles with noise-producing devices, incorporating illegal additives into engine bodies, and adding extras that impede visibility. Other transgressions included overloading vehicles beyond the permissible limit, exiting from windows and sunroofs, using "party spray," and tampering with license plates. Altering the vehicle's color and tinting windshields were also among the offenses.

Disruption in Desert Camps

Al Mazrouei highlighted instances where some drivers disturbed the peace in desert camps by engaging in reckless acts, dangerous displays, and increasing the volume of chants and songs. Such disruptive behavior adversely affected visitors to these areas.

A Plea to Parents

Al Mazrouei made a sincere plea to parents in reaction to these occurrences, asking them to keep an eye on their kids' behavior. He underlined how important it is for parents to get involved in their children's upbringing in order to promote healthy behavior and lessen the number of dead and seriously injured road accidents.

As Dubai Police enforce the provisions of Decree No. 30, the release of most seized vehicles comes with a hefty price tag 50,000 dirhams, reinforcing the commitment to maintaining order and safety on the roads during festive occasions.

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