Dubai Police arrested a global criminal implicated in a €40 million tax fraud

Dubai Police achieved a significant international milestone with the successful execution of a joint security operation spanning 15 countries, resulting in the arrest of a wanted criminal listed on Interpol's records.

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The operation, named "Pit Stop," marked a collaborative effort that culminated in the apprehension of an individual of European nationality upon their arrival at Dubai Airport from an East Asian country for a purported visit.

The arrested individual was affiliated with a criminal organisation specialising in tax fraud. This organisation, with its operational base concentrated in a Western European country, established companies across Eastern and Western Europe. Their primary modus operandi involved e-commerce platforms, where they engaged in fraudulent activities by submitting counterfeit sales tax returns, amounting to over 40 million euros.

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, commended the exceptional performance of the teams operating in various ports in Dubai. He highlighted their high readiness and efficiency in apprehending internationally sought-after criminals. Al Marri underscored Dubai Police's commitment to fulfilling its role in collaboration with global law enforcement agencies to combat organised and cross-border crime comprehensively.

Al Marri emphasised that Dubai Police is committed to putting in place strong international security mechanisms and emphasised the value of international cooperation. This entails sharing experiences, facilitating the smooth exchange of information, and discussing good security techniques in order to increase the efficacy of security professionals. Al Marri urged all Dubai Police departments to embrace global best practices, encourage creativity, and create innovative ways to address all types of criminal activity in order to continuously increase their efficiency.

Moreover, Dubai Police's accomplishment in the joint security operation reflects their commitment to international collaboration and the relentless pursuit of individuals involved in transnational criminal activities, further solidifying their role in global law enforcement efforts.

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