Dubai Road Accidents in 2023: 8 Fatalities, 339 Injuries Reported

The authorities also announced that 43,817 pedestrians were apprehended for jaywalking or crossing the road in undesignated areas.

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According to data released on Friday by Dubai Police, run-over accidents last year in Dubai claimed the lives of eight people and injured 339 others. Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, the Director of the General Traffic Department at Dubai Police, disclosed that a total of 320 traffic accidents were documented in 2023. Among the injuries, 33 were categorized as severe, 155 as moderate, and 151 as minor.

Additionally, the authorities highlighted that 43,817 pedestrians faced legal consequences for jaywalking or crossing roads in undesignated areas. The data revealed a breakdown of such incidents throughout the year, with September witnessing the highest number of instances, reaching 4,591 violations. This was followed by May with 4,252 violations, October with 4,239, and August with 4,169 cases.

Further statistics indicate that November saw 4,045 pedestrians apprehended for jaywalking. January recorded 3,636 violations, March had 3,564, July counted 3,494 violations, and February reported 3,251 instances. The number of violators decreased in December to 2,979, followed by 2,914 violations in June, and April marked the lowest count with 2,683 violations.

These figures underscore the critical need for increased awareness and adherence to pedestrian safety regulations. The enforcement actions against jaywalking aim to mitigate the risks associated with pedestrian-related accidents, emphasizing the importance of responsible road behavior. Dubai Police's efforts in monitoring and addressing such violations throughout the year contribute to the broader goal of ensuring road safety and reducing the incidence of accidents and injuries on the city's streets.

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