Dubai: Cash and Credit Cards Replace Nol Cards at several public parks

Cash and Credit Cards Replace Nol Cards at Dubai Parks Several Dubai parks have reportedly switched from using the conventional Nol card system to accepting cash or credit card payments.

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A representative from Dubai Municipality's customer service division confirmed that this change is the result of a partnership between Du and the municipality that started in October of the previous year. The partnership aims to enhance public park sustainability, employee satisfaction, IT proficiency, and streamlined identity management.

Exception at Quranic Park

Notably, Quranic Park in Dubai remains an exception, continuing to operate using the old Nol card system. While most parks have transitioned to the new payment system, Quranic Park has retained the traditional method.

Resident Experiences

Local residents, such as Tasmiyah A. from Deira, expressed surprise at the discontinuation of the Nol card system in their parks. The new system involves purchasing tickets with barcodes for entry, replacing the familiar practice of using Nol cards. Additionally, the absence of Nol card top-up and balance-checking machines indicates a complete shift away from the old system.

Transition Details

Parks like Zabeel Park and Mamzar Beach Park ceased accepting Nol cards in October of the previous year, opting for cash or credit payments. The gate's scanning process now mirrors the previous Nol card machines, accepting payment through either cash or credit cards.

Smart Payment Option

Certain parks, including Safa Park, are introducing a smart payment option through mobile phones. This allows visitors to utilize Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay for a ticketless entry, providing a convenient and technologically advanced alternative.

Ticket Prices

Despite the change in payment methods, ticket prices at each park remain consistent. This transition signifies a significant evolution in Dubai's park entry system, aligning with the objectives of the Du and Dubai Municipality partnership to modernize park management and enhance visitor experiences. Dubai's commitment to technological advancements and sustainability in public spaces is evident in this change, marking the conclusion of an era for residents accustomed to Nol cards since their mandatory introduction in 2017.

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