Dubai Municipality leads as COP28 host with groundbreaking initiatives

As global leaders converge for the Conference of the Parties (COP28) to discuss sustainable commitments, Dubai Municipality is dedicated to ensuring a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for the international summit. With its reputation as the cleanest and best place to live, Dubai aims to uphold its standards during this significant event.

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Strategic Plan for Health and Safety

The government of Dubai has created a ground-breaking strategic plan to coincide with COP28, anticipating an influx of 140 heads of state, over 70,000 foreign delegates, and about 400,000 visitors. The city, which hosts millions of visitors each year, stresses health and safety, ranking fifth in the world for safety according to the Numbeo database.

Dubai Municipality's Role

Dubai Municipality plays a crucial role in supervising public health during COP28. With a population of over 3 million and additional visitors, the municipality oversees various tasks related to food safety, city hygiene, and collaboration with governmental, local, and private agencies.

Seven Sectors, One Vision

Organizing its responsibilities into seven sectors and institutions, Dubai Municipality focuses on making the city sustainable, attractive, pioneering, and improving the quality of life. This approach requires an efficient team, a robust compliance system, and continuous communication with visitors.

Ensuring Public Health and Safety

Supervisory responsibilities include elevators, escalators, water systems, indoor air quality, and pest control. With 500,000 visitors expected during COP28, the Dubai Municipality maintains food safety by checking vendors, monitoring delivery, and collecting food samples for laboratory analysis.

Emirates Food Bank Initiative

During COP28, the Emirates Food Bank gathers excess food from Expo City and delivers it to recipients, demonstrating a commitment to decreasing food waste and assisting the community.

Waste management and cleaning operations

Dubai Municipality manages garbage and cleaning operations in partnership with COP28, handling 40 tons of trash every day. Thirty percent of waste is recycled, 35% is transformed into organic fertilizer, and the remainder is delivered to a solid waste-to-energy conversion facility.

Infrastructure Readiness for the Rainy Season

Despite the fact that Dubai is a desert metropolis, the municipal government guarantees that the infrastructure is ready for the rainy season. The municipality oversees sewage and recycled water networks, doing preventive maintenance, ensuring safety, and monitoring via surveillance cameras.

Command and Control Center

To successfully handle duties, Dubai Municipality's Command and Control Center coordinates responsibilities, guaranteeing continuous communication across departments. The Unified Operations Center works with relevant teams, government agencies, and Expo management to monitor and respond to COP28-related responsibilities.

Dubai Municipality's comprehensive efforts underscore its commitment to hosting a successful, safe, and sustainable global summit during COP28.

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