Dubai Metro and Tram to Extend Services for 40 Hours on New Year Eve

Those who are looking forward to participating in the New Year's Eve celebrations in Dubai will be pleased to learn that the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will, beginning December 31, extend the operational hours of the Dubai Metro and Tram by an unprecedented forty hours.

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Enhanced Public Transport Initiatives by RTA

This move underscores the RTA's dedication to providing improved and convenient transportation options for both residents and visitors during the celebratory period.

Continuous Operation of the Dubai Metro and Tram

An official from the RTA has declared that the Dubai Metro will commence uninterrupted service at 8:00 a.m. on December 31 and continue to operate without interruption until the weekend of January 1. Concurrently, the Dubai Tram will resume uninterrupted service at 9:00 a.m. on December 31 and continue until 1:00 a.m. on January 2. The elongated service window effectively eradicates the limitations imposed by standard operating hours, thereby facilitating individuals' transportation to and from New Year's Eve events.

Complimentary bus services

In addition to the prolonged Metro and Tram services, the RTA has devised plans to introduce a fleet of 230 buses, offering complimentary rides to the public. This initiative is strategically designed to promote the use of public transportation and alleviate potential traffic congestion during the festive period.

Strategic Approach for Commuter Convenience

The RTA's CEO, Abdullah Yousif Al Ali, emphasized the comprehensive approach the organization uses to improve commuter convenience. The combination of extended Metro and Tram services, additional parking spaces, and free bus rides collectively contributes to creating a seamless and stress-free transportation experience for the public.

As Dubai immerses itself in the festive spirit, the RTA's holistic approach ensures that transportation becomes an asset rather than a challenge for those participating in New Year's Eve celebrations. By facilitating increased accessibility and convenience, the RTA aims to create a positive and enjoyable experience for all commuters during this joyous occasion.

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