Dubai Health Authority initiates a "Hope Clinic" for Zayed Humanitarian Day

The "Hope Clinic" is a charitable program that was started yesterday at Al Jalila Children's Hospital by Dubai Health, the city's first academic health system.

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This project, which was started in honor of Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, is to provide basic healthcare services to kids who have trouble getting access to necessary medical care.

The inauguration of the "Hope Clinic" aligns seamlessly with Dubai Healthcare's fundamental value of "Patient First." This commitment underscores the organization's dedication to ensuring that children receive healthcare services of the utmost quality and standard. With a focus on excellence in service delivery, a dedicated team of specialists stands poised and ready to serve children in need with unparalleled readiness and expertise.

Dr. Amer Sharif, Executive Director of Dubai Health, expressed his pleasure at the establishment of the Hope Clinic, noting its alignment with Zayed Humanitarian Work Day. He underscored the strong connection between this initiative and the enduring legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Dr. Sharif underscored Sheikh Zayed's visionary leadership, which championed the principle of empathy and extended its transformative impact globally. At Dubai Health, the commitment to providing comprehensive care for all, particularly children, remains unwavering. The establishment of the Hope Clinic stands as a testament to this mission, epitomizing the organization's pledge to prioritize patients and deliver excellence in healthcare services.

Similar remarks were made by Dr. Mohammed Al Awadhi, Deputy CEO of Al Jalila Children's Hospital and Latifa Hospital, who emphasized the clinic's critical role in providing for the medical requirements of local children. He reaffirmed the conviction that all children should have access to basic medical care and confirmed the clinic's critical role in realizing this goal. The "Hope Clinic" seeks to help build a more inclusive and healthy community for all children in Dubai by working together with partners.

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