Dubai court fines a European man Dh10,000 for finding drugs in his language

A 25-year-old man, apprehended at Dubai airport with drugs in his luggage, contested the charges, claiming he consumed the substances outside the UAE and accidentally left some in his bag upon arrival.

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In a recent legal case, a 25-year-old man faced conviction in a Dubai court for drug possession after being found with contraband in his luggage at the city's airport. The man, of European origin, claimed that he had consumed the substances outside the UAE and had inadvertently left some in his bag upon arriving in the Emirates. The authorities discovered marijuana and a device designed for cutting cannabis plants during a search of his travel bag.

The Misdemeanor Court initially ordered the man's deportation, in addition to imposing a Dh10,000 fine for drug possession. However, the man appealed the deportation ruling, arguing that he had legitimate reasons for being in the UAE and emphasizing his clean criminal record. The appellate court, while overturning the deportation decision, upheld the Dh10,000 fine.

Customs officials at Dubai International Airport were suspicious of the man after discovering a trimmer a tool commonly used to cut cannabis plants in his possession. A medical package with 10 capsules of a green plant that looked like marijuana was found during the subsequent examinations. The drug's illicit status was verified by the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology.

During police and public prosecution questioning, the accused initially admitted to the charges, stating that he unintentionally left the substance in his bag and had no intention of importing it into the country. Further examinations indicated that he was under the influence of a narcotic substance. However, during his court appearance, the accused retracted his previous statements and denied the charges.

The legal proceedings saw the appellate court acknowledge the man's appeal against deportation, considering his legitimate reasons for being in the UAE. Despite the overturning of the deportation ruling, the court maintained the Dh10,000 fine for drug possession. This case highlights the intricacies of drug-related incidents and the evolving nature of statements made by the accused during different stages of the legal process.

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