Sharjah Authority to upgrade traffic lights with AI technology

An important development in the city's traffic management system has been made with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) in the updating of 48 traffic lights.

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The AI system has been collecting and analysing real-time traffic data for almost a month by integrating sensors, cameras, and sophisticated algorithms.

Counts, kinds, and travel speeds of vehicles at intersections can all be detected by the system. Traffic light timings can be dynamically adjusted based on changing traffic volumes since they quickly detect patterns and trends in traffic flow by utilising complex algorithms. The SRTA Chairman, Dr. Engineer Yousif Alathmani, emphasised the AI system's flexibility, ongoing learning, and effectiveness in long-term traffic pattern prediction.

One notable feature of the technology is its responsiveness to real-time road conditions, potentially improving traffic flow by up to 30%. In high-traffic scenarios, the system can extend the green light duration for the busier direction, while in low-traffic conditions, it shortens it to facilitate smoother flow in other directions.

As part of its broader plan for enhancing transportation infrastructure, the SRTA is also embracing sustainability with the introduction of electric vehicles. The authority has added ten electric buses to its fleet, following a successful pilot programme with two electric buses. Additionally, a fleet of eight Tesla Model S and Model 3 electric vehicles has been launched, with plans for further expansion. Collaborating with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the SRTA aims to enhance the efficiency of key roads, contributing to improved traffic flow and road safety.

The SRTA's commitment to enhancing transportation extends to projects such as constructing additional pedestrian bridges in high-traffic areas. Furthermore, the authority is set to inaugurate an official bus line between Sharjah and Oman on February 22, marking a significant step in regional connectivity.

Through these initiatives, the SRTA is not only leveraging AI for intelligent traffic management but also embracing sustainable and efficient transportation solutions to enhance the overall quality of transportation services in Sharjah.

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