Dubai: A Bangladeshi cleaner died tragically in a hit-and-run accident

The family of Saiful Islam continues to endure great suffering as they await word regarding the repatriation of their deceased loved one. Saiful, a native of Bangladesh, was employed as a janitor in Dubai.

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Saiful, a cyclist of 41 years of age, lost his life in a fatal hit-and-run incident while commuting to his workplace at a supermarket located in Downtown Dubai.

Despite the passage of more than three weeks since the accident, the family has yet to receive any updates on the repatriation process or the identification of the individual responsible for the incident. Furthermore, they claim to have received minimal support from Saiful's employer, with only a meager sum of Dh1,200 provided thus far.

Jasmine, speaking from Bangladesh, expressed her distress at the situation, lamenting the inadequate financial assistance provided. The family's plight is compounded by the fact that Saiful was the primary breadwinner, leaving them in dire straits.

Saiful's cousin, Saifuddin, fondly remembered him as a dedicated family man with aspirations of providing a better life for his loved ones. However, the family's grief is intensified by the apparent lack of accountability from Saiful's employer, who has yet to settle his dues or provide adequate compensation.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Consulate is investigating the case, with MD Arifur Rahman stating that the family may be entitled to financial assistance if Saiful possessed the necessary documentation, such as the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training (BMET) card.

Residents of 8 Boulevard Walk, where the tragic incident occurred, have rallied together to offer support to Saiful's widow, highlighting the impact he had on the community. While grateful for the assistance, Jasmine emphasizes the importance of justice, urging authorities to identify the responsible party and ensure proper restitution, including blood money.

The family's anguish underscores the need for swift action and accountability in cases of road accidents, particularly concerning migrant workers who contribute significantly to the UAE's workforce.

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