Dubai: Arab Health Major exhibition announces free entry for visitors in 2024

In a significant evolution, Arab Health 2024, renowned as the largest healthcare exhibition in the Middle East, is embracing a transformative change by introducing a paid ticketing system for attendees.

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Arab Health 2024 Shifts to a Paid Ticketing System for Enhanced Participation

The event's organizer, Informa Markets, announced this change with the intention of fostering meaningful engagement and ensuring a conducive environment for worthwhile business and learning opportunities.

New Ticketing System Implementation from January 4, 2024

Beginning January 4, 2024, Arab Health will implement a paid-for ticketing system, departing from its traditional model of free visitor registration. This strategic adjustment reflects the organizers' commitment to elevating the quality of participation, encouraging purposeful attendance, and fostering an environment conducive to knowledge exchange.

Tiered Pricing Structure for Attendees

To facilitate access, individuals planning to attend Arab Health 2024 are encouraged to register before January 4, 2024, securing their free entry. Subsequently, a tiered pricing structure will be introduced. An 'early bird' offer of Dh100 is applicable from January 4 to 28, 2024, while the cost increases to Dh200 for visitors attending between January 29 and February 1, 2024.

Record-breaking Success

Arab Health 2024 has already achieved a remarkable milestone by officially selling out in November. This success is attributed to a record number of international exhibitors who have eagerly embraced the opportunity to showcase their innovations on the global stage.

Anticipated Global Impact welcomes 110,000 healthcare professional visits.

With more than 110,000 healthcare professional visits expected, Arab Health 2024 is set to be a global hub of innovation and collaboration. Exhibitors from 73 countries will converge in 25 occupied halls, contributing to the event's reputation as a melting pot of cutting-edge developments in the healthcare industry.

Expanding global reach

Arab Health 2024's global footprint is expanding with the debut of Serbia and Hong Kong. Additionally, established participants like Australia, Estonia, Italy, and Indonesia are increasing the size of their pavilion exhibition space, further enhancing the event's international influence.

Arab Health 2024's transition to a paid ticketing system represents a strategic move to ensure a premium and purposeful experience for all participants, reinforcing its position as a leading platform for healthcare advancements.

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