Dubai: Massive International City building fire killed one and two injuries

On Saturday night, a devastating fire broke out at an apartment building in Dubai's International City, killing one person and injuring many more.

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The entire building was evacuated, with many residents awaiting further instructions outside. The fire affected the upper floors of the eight-story building, housing a diverse group of expats from various nationalities, including Africans, Chinese, Indians, and Pakistanis.

Heroic Acts Amidst Chaos

Several tenants played a crucial role in the rescue efforts, with one individual named Sadiq emerging as a hero. Sadiq risked his life, going up and down twice to inform and evacuate fellow tenants. Despite losing his balance and facing smoke-related challenges, he managed to rescue dozens of people, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing humanity over personal belongings.

Tragic Outcome

Unfortunately, one person, a lady from an African country, lost her life in the incident. Sadiq highlighted that she used to come to clean his apartment. The building's security measures prevented residents from re-entering their apartments on Sunday for safety reasons.

Remarkable Rescue Efforts

Dubai's emergency response teams, including police, rescue, and civil defense, were lauded for their remarkable efforts. Videos shared by the Dubai Media Office depicted residents being evacuated from the building. Witnesses praised the diverse rescue techniques, including a person climbing down the building's pipe and cranes rescuing individuals, especially a distressed Indian girl on a balcony.

Residents express gratitude

Residents expressed gratitude for the prompt and effective response, acknowledging the collaborative use of resources such as helicopters, drones, firefighting vehicles, and cranes. The incident occurred on a weekend, ensuring that many tenants were at home during the daytime, allowing for a more immediate response.

The aftermath of the fire saw the affected building cordoned off, leaving residents outside as authorities continued to assess safety and security conditions. While the incident brought tragedy, it also showcased acts of bravery and the effectiveness of emergency response teams in Dubai.

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