Dubai announces trucks ban on specific roads due to construction

From the beginning of December, the routes and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has instituted a continuous truck restriction on several routes within the Nad Al Sheba Reserve.

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Dubai Implements a 24/7 Truck Ban in Nad Al Sheba Reserve

This action is a part of a larger plan to rejuvenate and develop different areas and reserves in the emirate; during the next 10 years, Nad Al Sheba will be the centre of these endeavours.

Purpose of the Ban and Call for Cooperation

The primary goal behind the truck ban is to streamline and enhance the development plans for Nad Al Sheba. The RTA has urged development companies operating in the area, as well as truck drivers transporting heavy goods, to adhere to the newly imposed restrictions. They are encouraged to utilise alternative routes that have been specifically designated for truck movements.

Application of Mobility Permits for Exceptional Cases

In situations where it is deemed necessary for trucks to access the restricted roads, drivers are required to obtain a mobility permit through the integrated traffic system shared between the RTA and Dubai Police. This system ensures a controlled and organised approach to exceptional cases, allowing for smoother traffic management.

Enforcement and monitoring mechanisms

The RTA, in collaboration with Dubai Police and other relevant entities, will actively monitor the compliance of truck drivers with the new restrictions. Stringent measures will be taken, including the issuance of violation tickets for those found in breach of the established rules. This enforcement mechanism aims to maintain order on the roads and ensure the effectiveness of the truck ban.

Post-Al Meydan Street Improvement Project

The implementation of this truck ban follows the successful completion of the initial phase of the Al Meydan Street improvement project. As part of this project, roundabouts were transformed into signalised junctions, and clear signage was installed at the entrances of streets connected to Al Khail Road and Al Meydan Street. These enhancements contribute to the overall improvement of traffic flow and safety in the region.

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