Dubai Airport issues advisory "Don't come to DXB" amid operational disruption

The unusual weather in the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, April 16, presented significant "operational challenges" for Dubai International Airport (DXB).

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Consequently, officials at the airport counseled people not to make needless journeys there. The passengers were advised to confirm their travel status directly with their respective airlines, as they stressed that planes were being rerouted and delayed.

Technical issues further exacerbated the situation, with DXB experiencing a disruption in its phone lines for over two hours before restoration. During this period, travelers were directed to seek assistance through alternative channels such as WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Acknowledging the severity of the situation, DXB released a statement indicating their ongoing efforts to address the disruptions caused by the weather. They highlighted challenges such as flooding and road closures, which limit transportation options for passengers arriving at or departing from the airport.

In response to the stranded passengers, authorities provided necessary provisions like drinks and meals where feasible. Efforts to restore normal operations were underway, with emergency response teams and service partners working tirelessly to resolve the situation. Passengers were advised to stay informed about their flight status directly from their airlines and to allocate additional time for airport arrival. Emirates and FlyDubai, two major airlines operating at DXB, reported disruptions and delays affecting their flights. Emirates suspended check-in services for departing passengers on April 17, anticipating delays in both departures and arrivals.

Due to the extreme weather, Flydubai had serious disruptions as well, including multiple aircraft cancellations and lengthy delays. Attempts to return to routine were made more difficult by the forecast that the bad weather would last into the next day. Unfavorable weather brought DXB a variety of problems, including technical problems, logistical obstacles, and flight delays. Travelers were warned to be cautious and stay informed about their plans, even with the ongoing efforts of airport officials and airlines.

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