Dubai announces $260,000 in prize money for the UAE SWAT Challenge

The UAE SWAT Challenge, which takes place in Dubai, now offers a prize pool of $260,000 instead of $170,000. Beginning on February 3 in Al Ruwayyah's Training City, the fifth annual tournament for special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams will get underway.

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The prize money for the UAE SWAT Challenge in Dubai has been increased to $260,000, marking a significant rise from last year's $170,000 award. The fifth edition of the competition, focusing on special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams, is scheduled to commence on February 3 at the Training City in Al Ruwayyah, hosted by the Dubai Police. The event will run until February 7, providing an opportunity for residents and tourists to watch for free.

With a record participation of 87 teams from 48 countries, including five all-women teams and two mixed teams, this year's challenge promises diversity and competition. Teams will compete for the grand prize, with the winning team receiving $80,000, the runners-up receiving $40,000, the third receiving $30,000, and the fourth receiving $15,000 each. Additional cash prizes will be awarded to the remaining top 10 teams.

The competition will feature five challenges: tactical competition, obstacle course, officer rescue, tower challenge, and assault competition. Each challenge demands a combination of tactical skills, physical abilities, and proficiency from the participating teams.

The winning team will receive $5,000, with the second- and third-place teams receiving $3,000 and $2,000, respectively, for their daily achievements. The competitive spirit extends beyond the main challenges, creating an engaging atmosphere for both participants and spectators.

To enhance the overall experience, the Dubai Police have introduced a special edition of their e-sports tournament, featuring 'Counter Strike 2' and 'Valorant'. Forty players, divided into eight teams, will compete for a total prize pool of Dh50,000. This addition aims to diversify the event and cater to a broader audience.

Notably, the 2024 edition of the challenge stands out as the largest in terms of the number of participating teams, showcasing the growing interest and global reach of the UAE SWAT Challenge.

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