Abu Dhabi authority announces issuing rain warning advisory

Abu Dhabi Police is urging motorists in the UAE to exercise caution during rainy weather.

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The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police has issued a warning, urging drivers to be extra careful and follow safe practices, particularly in anticipation of rainy days. The advisory emphasizes the importance of adhering to speed limits, maintaining proper distances between vehicles, avoiding sudden braking, and pulling over if visibility is impaired.

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate has called on motorists to prioritize safety by following traffic laws, refraining from reckless driving and drifting, and overall ensuring responsible behavior during rainfall. The directive is aimed at preventing accidents and promoting road safety during adverse weather conditions.

In addition to driving safely, the police recommend practical steps for enhancing safety in rainy conditions. Motorists are advised to keep their windows clean to maintain clear visibility, ensure the proper functioning of lights, and replace old tires to prevent accidents caused by worn-out treads. These measures contribute to overall safety on the roads and reduce the risk of accidents in challenging weather.

The advisory also includes a cautionary note regarding specific areas prone to water accumulation, such as valleys. Drivers are encouraged to stay away from such locations during rainy weather to avoid potential hazards and ensure their safety.

Abu Dhabi Police's emphasis on responsible driving and adherence to safety regulations is part of a broader effort to promote road safety and reduce accidents, especially during adverse weather conditions. These reminders aim to create awareness among motorists about the importance of adopting safe driving practices to protect themselves and others on the road.

As the UAE experiences rainy weather, the police advisory serves as a timely reminder for drivers to exercise vigilance, prioritize safety, and contribute to maintaining a secure road environment for all.

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