UAE announces fines up to Dh15,000 for heavy trucks exceeding weight and dimensions

Heavy trucks operating on federal highways in the United Arab Emirates are now subject to new legislation that establishes weight and size limits.

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The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has announced that penalties of up to Dh15,000 will be levied against anyone who violates these standards.

Minister Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei highlighted that the law aims to improve road safety, reduce traffic accidents, support infrastructure and transport sectors, increase road service life, and decrease the carbon footprint of land transport.

The new regulation sets different maximum allowable weights for large trucks according to their axle count. There is a weight limit of 21 tons for vehicles with two axles, 34 tons for three axles, 45 tons for four axles, 56 tons for five axles, and 65 tons for six axles. Details have been specified for heavy vehicles operating alone, truck heads coupled with semi-trailers, truck heads accompanied by trailers and semi-trailers, and heavy vehicles transporting light cars.

Depending on the severity of the infraction, fines for exceeding the permissible weight can vary from Dh400 to Dh600 per ton, with a maximum fine of Dh15,000. Fines are also levied for violations, including axle weight and exceeding stipulated specifications. Dh5,000 in penalties are levied for noncompliance with transportation permits and for evading weight stations or monitoring locations. The prospect of seizing large vehicles is also included in the resolution as a penalty for multiple infractions.

Heavy vehicle operators are urged to install approved devices to detect weight, load, and dimensions, connecting them to the systems of the competent authority. The new regulations apply to heavy vehicles using UAE roads, including those licensed from other countries. However, vehicles owned by security, military, police, and civil defense authorities are exempt from the resolution.

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