Deliveroo UAE Introduces the Cautious Rider Award with Dubai Police

Deliveroo UAE launched the Cautious Rider Award, a program to honor and incentivize riders who prioritize road safety, in partnership with Dubai Police. A number of Deliveroo riders received cash awards and formal certificates of appreciation as a consequence of the initiative's first round.

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Promoting road safety:

Aligned with Deliveroo's commitment to collaborating with various stakeholders to foster a safer community, the Cautious Rider Award serves as an annual incentive for riders to emphasize safety on the road. The initiative reflects the company's dedication to acknowledging and promoting the well-being of its riders.

Selection Criteria:

The selection criteria for the award are centered on crucial factors such as maintaining a clean traffic record and avoiding fines, violations, and accidents throughout the entire calendar year. This approach emphasizes Deliveroo's commitment to rewarding riders with exceptional safety practices.

Collaboration with Dubai Police:

Deliveroo's Head of Operations, Yazan Aburaqabeh, notes the significance of the joint effort to make Dubai's roadways safer while thanking Dubai Police for their assistance and formal recognition. In order to set a positive example for others, the partnership seeks to honor and acknowledge the thousands of Deliveroo riders who prioritize road safety.

Ongoing Efforts for Rider Well-Being:

Deliveroo is committed to addressing its riders' well-being and recognizing those who continually raise industry standards. The creation of the Cautious Rider Award exemplifies this devotion. In 2023, all riders received full training in Dubai, where they learned important road safety information and abilities, followed best practices, ensured regulatory compliance, understood UAE labor regulations, and became familiar with local subtleties.

Continued Initiatives:

Deliveroo maintains a series of ongoing initiatives and programs focused on enhancing rider well-being. These efforts aim to equip riders with the necessary tools to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of pedestrians and other drivers on the road.

The Cautious Rider Award underscores Deliveroo's commitment to promoting road safety and recognizing the contributions of riders who prioritize this crucial aspect. Through collaboration with Dubai Police, the initiative not only rewards exemplary riders but also sets the foundation for ongoing efforts to create a safer environment for all road users in Dubai.

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