UAE adopts an innovative road naming system for improved navigation

The Dubai Road Naming Committee has devised a novel method for identifying internal roads by combining names and numbers.

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This program attempts to make city navigation easier for both drivers and tourists. Dawoud Al Hajri, Chairman of the Committee and Director General of Dubai Municipality, stressed the practical benefits of this new strategy for improving mobility.

Al Khawaneej 2 Area Renaming:

The initial part of the project centered on renaming roads in the Al Khawaneej 2 neighborhood. Street names now reflect local vegetation, such as Al Ghaf Street, which is named after a common tree species in the region. Other streets in the vicinity include Al Sidr, Basil, Al Faghi, Al Samr, and Al Sharish, all of which contribute to the locality's particular personality.

Cultural Identity and Future Aspirations:

These new road names not only serve the purpose of navigation but also aim to reflect the unique cultural identity and forward-looking aspirations of the emirate. For the first time, the names will play a role in designating land use and guiding developmental projects in various sectors and regions.

Concept of Inference:

The Committee introduced the concept of inference in the naming process, linking names, roadside signs, and site-specific features. This approach allows visitors to mentally associate themselves with the location. Road signs featuring distinctive characters will convey the key element of the new title, aiding in the seamless location of destinations and establishments.

Community Involvement:

In an effort to be inclusive, the Dubai Road Naming Committee will ask locals to propose names for streets. Subsequent phases of the effort will include the implementation of community involvement methods and procedures for accepting submissions. In order to encourage community involvement in creating the city's road identity, the committee will publicize the start of these procedures in their respective areas.

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