Abu Dhabi reveals four smart projects to monitor air quality

In order to promote a safe and healthy environment in Abu Dhabi, the Environment Agency has reaffirmed its commitment to improving air quality as a major strategic goal.

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It does this by consistently working to deploy cutting-edge technology and solutions. In order to demonstrate its dedication, the organisation has launched and effectively overseen four cutting-edge initiatives that track and assess air quality, pinpoint significant issues and emission sources, suggest workable ways to reduce pollution, and assess the results of those suggestions.

These projects cover a wide range of tasks and initiatives, such as the installation of the first air purification tower in the region, a network for monitoring air quality, a continuous monitoring system for chimney emissions from large industrial facilities, and a network for monitoring unpleasant odours.

The network for monitoring air quality in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra is one of the most extensive in the Middle East and North Africa. It consists of 20 permanent stations and two mobile stations. Each of these 17-sensor and monitoring-device stations produces 69 reports a year, which helps to provide a comprehensive picture of the dynamics of air quality.

The agency has put in place a continuous monitoring system for chimney emissions in an effort to reduce industrial emissions. It does this by electronically connecting the emission monitoring systems of significant industrial sites with the agency's database. With 500 chimneys now covered by this project, 35 of which are electronically connected, real-time data collection is made possible every 30 minutes, guaranteeing precise monitoring.

Addressing nuisance odours, the agency has launched a pioneering regional project for monitoring odours in Abu Dhabi, deploying fixed and mobile stations to track and manage unpleasant odours emanating from various sources. This project, with 10 fixed devices installed initially, aims to enhance environmental protection and public health by enabling early detection and rapid response to odour emissions.

Furthermore, the organisation constructed the first air filtration tower nearby on Al Hudayriat Island, using positive ionisation techniques to filter 30,000 cubic metres of air every hour. This sustainable project demonstrates the organisation's dedication to enhancing the air's purity and creating a healthier home environment for Abu Dhabi's citizens.

Looking ahead, the agency plans to expand its monitoring capabilities by deploying 50 sensors to monitor nuisance odours across Abu Dhabi, further enhancing its ability to predict, manage, and mitigate environmental impacts. Through these initiatives, the agency reaffirms its dedication to safeguarding air quality and fostering sustainable development in Abu Dhabi.

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