UAE Issues Weather Advisory as Rain Expected Tomorrow

In anticipation of an upper air disturbance that may impact weather conditions from Sunday through Tuesday, the National Centre of Meteorology has issued a nationwide weather advisory.

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During this time, it is anticipated that this atmospheric disturbance will get stronger and enhance cloud cover in a number of locations. There will likely be light to moderate rainfall, along with the sporadic cumulus formations that accompany these clouds.

Residents need to be ready for the likelihood of intermittent periods of intense rainfall accompanied by lightning and thunder. By Tuesday, a notable decrease in cloud cover and a marked drop in temperature are predicted as the depression moves forward. It is predicted that wind patterns will change from being south-easterly to being north-easterly before finally settling into a north-westerly flow. These winds, which can be brisk to moderate, could get stronger still, especially if there are clouds around. This would cause sand and dust to scatter and make visibility worse.

It is anticipated that there will be horizontal waves, with light to moderate sea conditions at first, followed by progressively turbulent conditions, especially in the Arabian Gulf, starting on Sunday. Turbulence may also occasionally occur in the Sea of Oman, particularly in regions with a high concentration of cumulus clouds.

In addition, the approaching weather pattern is typified by an upper air depression strengthening, which results in increased cloud activity and the possibility of precipitation. Particularly in areas vulnerable to unfavourable weather, residents are urged to stay upto-date on weather information and take appropriate precautions. It is important to take precautions against the threats brought on by intense rain, thunderstorms, high winds, and dispersed sand and dust that reduce visibility. For the most recent updates and safety advice, pay attention to official weather advisories.

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