Abu Dhabi Police Implements Speed Reduction Measures on Key Roads

Two major highways in Abu Dhabi have recently received speed reduction measures from the Abu Dhabi Police, an initiative designed to increase road safety and decrease the probability of collisions.

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The revised speed limit on the road connecting Al Wagan to Al Quwa and Sweihan to Al Ajban has been established at 80 km/h.

Al Wagan to Al Quwa Road:

A speed reduction mechanism has been activated as part of the proactive step on the Al Wagan to Al Quwa route, encouraging drivers to comply with the new speed restriction of 80 km/h. Reducing the likelihood of accidents and guaranteeing a secure transportation environment are the goals of this strategic approach to improving road safety along this route.

Sweihan to Al-Ajban Road:

Also, the route from Sweihan to Al Ajban is now restricted to 80 km/h thanks to a speed reduction mechanism activated by the Abu Dhabi Police. The project is a reflection of the police's dedication to encouraging safe driving habits and making sure everyone on the road is safe.

Utilising the "X" Platform for Effective Traffic Management

A prime example of Abu Dhabi Police's commitment to using technology for efficient traffic control is its use of the "X" platform to disseminate crucial information. In line with their overarching goal of creating a safe and orderly road environment for locals and tourists alike, speed reduction systems are activated.

Motorists and law enforcement

This enforcement initiative highlights the shared responsibility between law enforcement and motorists in creating safer road infrastructure. Adhering to the stipulated speed limits on these specific roads is crucial. Drivers play a pivotal role in contributing to overall road safety, reducing accidents, and fostering a culture of responsible driving.

Continued Vigilance for Public Safety

The dedication of the Abu Dhabi Police to improving traffic laws and implementing required actions promptly demonstrates their commitment to road safety. The safety and efficiency of the region's transport system depend on drivers being extra careful and following the newly imposed speed restrictions as they travel the Al Wagan to Al Quwa and Sweihan to Al Ajban routes.

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