Abu Dhabi Police Implements Overtaking Lane for Heavy Vehicle Safety

Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed International Street has implemented a significant change to enhance traffic flow and safety for heavy vehicles.

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As of January 29, 2024, authorities have granted permission for heavy vehicles to overtake from the second right lane on the specified stretch of the road, spanning from Benona Bridge to Ikad Bridge in both directions.

This strategic decision aims to optimise the logistics transport sector and elevate traffic safety levels in the UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi. The designated overtaking lane is expected to contribute to the reduction of traffic congestion by providing heavy vehicles with a designated space to perform overtaking manoeuvres.

To ensure the effectiveness of this initiative, heavy vehicle drivers are urged to strictly adhere to guidelines designed for their safety and the well-being of other road users. While in the overtaking lane, drivers should prioritise a thorough check of side mirrors to eliminate blind spots before initiating an overtaking maneuver. Early and clear use of signals is emphasised, and upon completing the overtaking process, drivers are required to promptly return to the right lane.

The implementation of this overtaking regulation is part of broader efforts by Abu Dhabi authorities to improve traffic management and foster a safer road environment. The move reflects a commitment to enhancing the efficiency of transportation systems while prioritising the safety of all road users.

To enforce compliance, both traffic patrols and smart systems will actively monitor the designated section of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed International Street. Violators found not adhering to the overtaking rules will face appropriate actions, underscoring the authorities' dedication to maintaining order and safety on the roads.

This proactive measure aligns with the city's commitment to sustainable urban development and marks a positive step towards creating a more organised and secure transportation network. By designating specific lanes for overtaking by heavy vehicles, Abu Dhabi continues to prioritise the optimisation of its road infrastructure for the benefit of both commercial and public road users.

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