Abu Dhabi Police caution motorists to drive safely amidst weather fluctuations

The Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate has issued a vital appeal to drivers, stressing the critical importance of safe driving practices, especially during adverse weather conditions such as rain and sudden weather fluctuations.

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Motorists are urged to adhere strictly to safe driving protocols and maintain unwavering focus on the road, refraining from any distractions that may divert their attention away from safe driving practices. The directive emphasises the need for drivers to follow specified speed limits while activating the road speed reduction system, ensuring a safe distance is maintained from other vehicles at all times.

Furthermore, drivers are advised against sudden braking manoeuvres, as these can pose significant risks, especially on wet roads. Instead, it is recommended to gradually reduce speed when approaching turns to prevent skidding and maintain control over the vehicle. In cases where visibility becomes compromised due to weather conditions, motorists are urged to exercise caution and pull over safely to the side of the road until conditions improve.

The order emphasises how crucial it is to follow safety guidelines when driving, especially in inclement weather. Drivers are advised against driving carelessly, which puts other road users and themselves in danger. Examples of such behaviours include drifting and taking unwarranted risks.

In addition to maintaining focus on the road, motorists are advised to take proactive measures to enhance safety during rainy conditions. This includes ensuring that car windows are kept clean to provide clear visibility and optimising the functionality of the vehicle's headlights to improve visibility while driving.

Moreover, drivers are advised to exercise caution when navigating areas prone to water accumulation, such as valleys, and to avoid approaching electrical power lines or areas near trees during rainfall. By adhering to these safety instructions and guidelines, motorists can help mitigate the risks associated with driving in adverse weather conditions and contribute to the overall safety of the road.

In the end, the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate stresses that everyone has a shared responsibility for road safety and exhorts drivers to prioritise safety and drive cautiously, especially in bad weather. Drivers can contribute to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of other road users as well as themselves by adhering to safe driving practices collectively.

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