Abu Dhabi introduces unified fares for all public buses, Caps Cost at Dh5

Abu Dhabi has implemented uniform pricing for all of its public buses in an effort to streamline and simplify ticket structures, guaranteeing uniformity for both urban and suburban locations. A more open and economical public transport system has been announced by the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC): the adoption of a unified fare scheme.

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Abu Dhabi Standardises Public Bus Fares: Enhanced Cost Efficiency

Passengers will now pay a base fare of Dh2 for both city and suburban bus services, plus an additional 5 fils per kilometer traveled, under the new fare structure. The total cost per journey is capped at Dh5, irrespective of the distance covered. This development eliminates the need for passengers to pay the Dh2 base fare multiple times when changing buses to reach their final destination.

"Free Change of Buses" Conditions

The ITC clarified that passengers using multiple buses to reach their destination can benefit from the 'free change of buses' policy, provided they meet specific conditions:

  1. Reasonable Period of Time: Passengers must make their bus changes within a reasonable period.
  2. Limited Changes: The number of bus changes should not exceed two times, ensuring a maximum of three buses are used to complete the journey.
  3. No Change in the Opposite Direction: Changes must align with the planned itinerary, prohibiting shifts in the opposite direction.

Smart Card Payment System: Enhanced Convenience

Passengers can conveniently pay for their journeys using the 'Hafalat' smart card at the trip's conclusion. The cost is calculated based on the distance from the boarding location to the final drop-off point. To ensure accurate fare calculation, passengers are required to swipe their cards upon boarding and before disembarking. Failure to swipe the card at the trip's conclusion will result in the imposition of the maximum fee.

This initiative not only simplifies the fare system but also encourages the use of public transportation by offering a more cost-effective and efficient commuting experience for residents and visitors alike.

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