A man was ordered to pay 91,311 AED in the UAE for credit card theft case

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court has issued a ruling demanding that a young man who illicitly obtained and utilised a credit card for online shopping and international transactions through digital currency platforms must reimburse the card owner a sum of 91,311 dirhams.

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The case unfolded as the victim, a young man, filed a lawsuit against the perpetrator, seeking an obligation for the latter to repay him 81,311 dirhams, along with a demand for material and moral compensation totaling 12,000 dirhams. Additionally, the victim requested that the defendant cover fees, expenses, and attorney's fees. The plaintiff asserted that the defendant unlawfully acquired his bank card details and misappropriated the claimed amount. The defendant, having been criminally convicted, responded with a memorandum requesting the dismissal of the case.

In its ruling, the court clarified that the defendant had been previously convicted in criminal court for seizing the victim's bank card data and making purchases with the intent to acquire the victim's funds. This established element of error on the part of the defendant was conclusively proven, causing damages to the plaintiff. The court, recognising the identical basis of the criminal and civil lawsuits, ordered the defendant to return the misappropriated amount to the plaintiff.

Addressing the plaintiff's demand for a total of 81,311 dirhams, the court referred to the Civil Transactions Law, emphasising that taking someone's money without a legitimate reason is impermissible, and if taken, it must be returned. The court noted that the criminal ruling confirmed the defendant's seizure of the claimed amount from the victim's bank account through international purchases using digital currency platforms.

Regarding the plea for financial compensation, the court acknowledged the defendant's proven fault, resulting in material damages for the plaintiff, including the loss of potential earnings and emotional distress. Consequently, the court ruled for the defendant to pay the plaintiff 91,311 dirhams, covering both the claimed amount and compensation for material and moral damages. The defendant was further obligated to cover the legal fees and expenses associated with the lawsuit.

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