UAE cautions residents about temperature drop, blowing dust, 6ºC in mountainous regions

The National Centre of Meteorology has released predictions for the weather in the United Arab Emirates. In the coming day, their predictions are for a mix of sunny spells and cloudy periods, with the possibility of low clouds appearing periodically in certain eastern parts.

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Light to moderate winds are expected, with the possibility of rare, strong gusts over the ocean that might cause dust to be blown about.

As for the temperatures, the forecast suggests a maximum temperature of around 27 oC throughout the country. This represents a notable decrease compared to the previous week's peak, which reached as high as 34 oC. In specific areas like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the mercury is projected to climb to around 24 oC and 25 oC, respectively.

However, contrasting this warmth, some areas may experience relatively cooler conditions, with temperatures potentially dropping as low as 19 oC in Abu Dhabi, 20 oC in Dubai, and even reaching a chilly 6 oC in mountainous regions.

In terms of humidity, the evening and early morning hours of Wednesday are expected to bring higher levels of moisture to certain internal areas of the UAE. Relative humidity levels are estimated to range from 45 to 75 percent in cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, indicating a moderately humid atmosphere during these periods.

For those venturing out to sea, caution is advised, as sea conditions are anticipated to be rough. Specifically, the Arabian Gulf is expected to experience very rough conditions, while the Oman Sea is forecast to be rough as well. These conditions could pose challenges to marine activities and navigation, requiring extra care and vigilance from sailors and seafarers.

Overall, while some areas may experience warmer temperatures during the day, others may encounter cooler conditions, particularly during the night. Additionally, the presence of clouds and the potential for blowing dust, along with rough sea conditions, underscore the importance of staying informed and taking necessary precautions to ensure safety and well-being amidst the fluctuating weather patterns of the UAE.

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