UAE Issued Red Alert as Fog Descends and Temperatures Set to Drop

On Thursday, residents in several suburban areas of the country awoke to foggy conditions, prompting caution on the roads.

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The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issued red and yellow alerts due to dense fog recorded in Abu Dhabi's Ajban, Al Faqa (Al Ain), and Nahil areas. In response to the reduced visibility, authorities urged drivers to exercise caution while driving. Specifically, on Abu Dhabi's Al Taf Road, the speed limit was decreased to 80 kmph to ensure the safety of motorists amidst the foggy conditions.

The foggy weather is expected to persist until 9 a.m., posing challenges for commuters and travelers navigating through the affected areas. The NCM's alerts serve as a crucial reminder for individuals to remain vigilant and adapt their driving habits accordingly to mitigate the risk of accidents or collisions.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the country, the weather forecast for the day predicts partly cloudy skies with intermittent dusty spells. Temperatures are anticipated to decrease, and humidity levels are expected to rise during the night until Friday morning. These atmospheric conditions may present discomfort for residents, particularly those sensitive to changes in weather patterns.

In addition to the foggy conditions, residents are advised to prepare for potential dusty spells, which could further impact visibility and air quality. Authorities have emphasized the importance of staying informed about weather updates and adhering to safety guidelines while commuting or engaging in outdoor activities.

Furthermore, the forecast indicates that winds will be light to moderate but may become brisk, potentially exacerbating dusty conditions in some areas. As a result, residents are encouraged to take the necessary precautions to safeguard their health and well-being.

In terms of maritime conditions, waves in the Arabian Gulf are expected to range from turbulent to moderate, while the Sea of Oman will likely experience light to medium waves. This information is crucial for maritime activities and serves as a guide for sailors and boat operators navigating through coastal waters.

As residents contend with foggy and dusty conditions, staying informed and exercising caution are paramount to ensuring safety and minimizing disruptions caused by the fluctuating weather patterns.

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