UAE weather: heavy rains and strong winds are anticipated this week

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is preparing for another round of adverse weather conditions this week, including rainfall, hail, and strong winds, according to official forecasts from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

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The NCM's latest update indicates that the UAE will be affected by a surface low-pressure system extending from the Red Sea, accompanied by humid southeasterly winds, from Wednesday evening until Thursday. During this period, convective rainy clouds are expected to form, with a chance of hail mainly over eastern areas, potentially spreading to some internal and western regions.

The weather pattern is due to the expansion of a surface low-pressure system from the Red Sea, mixed with humid Southeasterly winds. There will also be an extension of low pressure from the northwest and an upper air flow, leading to a variety of cloud forms, including convective clouds linked with moderate to heavy rainfall in scattered locations. Lightning, thunder, and the risk of hail are forecast to begin in the west on Wednesday night and extend over most of the country by Thursday, mostly affecting the west, coastal areas, and some eastern areas.

On Friday and Saturday, cloud cover is predicted to progressively diminish, but there is still a chance of light to moderate rainfall, with some regions in the south and east perhaps seeing severe downpours. Forecasted winds will be moderate to fresh, southeasterly to northeasterly, with sporadic strong gusts, particularly when convective clouds are present. This could cause dust and sand to blow, decreasing horizontal visibility. The NCM predicts moderate to rough seas, especially in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea during cloudy spells.

In particular, during times of intense rain and wind, which can cause dangerous road conditions and decreased visibility, locals and visitors are recommended to keep informed about weather forecasts and proceed with caution. In order to avoid damage, precautions should be taken to safeguard outside goods and items. The safety regulations and alerts issued by the appropriate authorities should also be followed by anyone organizing maritime activities.

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