UAE Weather: Expectations of Light to Heavy Rain Until Tuesday

Today is expected to be mostly clear with sporadic clouds, particularly in the afternoon hours in the eastern parts, according to the National Center of Meteorology's forecast.

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Up to tomorrow morning, there is a chance of more humidity, which might lead to the formation of mist or light mist in both inland and coastal areas. Mild to moderate winds are predicted, and the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman are expected to have mild waves.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, the Center predicts morning humidity in coastal and inland areas with the potential for fog or light mist. Conditions are expected to become partly cloudy, with the possibility of cumulus clouds forming over mountains in the afternoon, possibly accompanied by rain. The wind direction is forecast to be southeasterly to northeasterly, with speeds ranging from light to moderate, occasionally becoming active. Sea winds could reach speeds of 35 km/h.

Moving on to Sunday, morning humidity is expected in coastal and inland areas, with the chance of mist or light mist dissipating throughout the day. Wind conditions are likely to remain consistent, with speeds ranging from 10 to 20 km/h inland and up to 30 km/h on the sea. Light waves are anticipated in both the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

For Monday, the Center anticipates morning humidity in coastal and inland areas, transitioning to generally fair to partly cloudy conditions, with possible light rain in the western regions by nightfall. Temperatures are forecast to rise, with winds shifting from southeasterly to northerly directions. Wind speeds may vary from light to moderate, occasionally becoming active, particularly at sea, where winds could reach a speed of 35 km/h in the Arabian Gulf.

With sporadic cloud cover and mostly partly overcast conditions expected for Tuesday, there is still a chance of light to moderate rainfall, with some locations perhaps seeing substantial amounts. The temperature along the coast is predicted to drop.

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