UAE Weather: Chance of Rain in a Three-Day Forecast

The nation is bracing for atmospheric changes in the coming days, primarily driven by a surface depression originating from the southwest.

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This depression is expected to extend into the upper atmospheric layers, accompanied by a prevailing westerly air current. These weather patterns will usher in intermittent cloud formations from the west in the days ahead.

Wednesday and Thursday's weather forecast indicates a mix of partly cloudy to cloudy conditions across various regions of the country. There is a notable chance of light to moderate rainfall, with occasional heavy downpours anticipated, particularly in the northern, eastern, and southern areas. Furthermore, active and occasionally strong northwesterly winds are projected to sweep through the western regions of the country by Thursday afternoon. As a result, temperatures are likely to decrease, and cloud cover is expected to gradually dissipate by Thursday night.

As Friday approaches, some areas in the east may see the emergence of clouds, maybe cumulus clouds, and there may be some daytime rain. By Thursday midday, it is expected that the wind patterns will change from southeasterly to northwesterly. Wind speeds are predicted to be light to moderate at first, then gradually increase to moderate to strong levels, particularly over coastal regions and while clouds are present. Additionally, dust and grit may be stirred up by these wind motions, impairing visibility in some places.

It is anticipated that maritime conditions will also vary, with moderate waves initially and occasionally quite turbulent or stormy in the Arabian Gulf by Thursday. The Sea of Oman, on the other hand, is predicted to see light to moderate turbulence at night.

As the nation prepares for these weather fluctuations, it is essential for residents and travellers to stay informed about local forecasts and heed any official warnings or advisories issued by meteorological authorities. Additionally, precautions should be taken to ensure safety during adverse weather conditions, such as securing loose objects outdoors and avoiding travel in areas prone to flooding or strong winds.

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