UAE warns of fog alerts and a temperature drop to 7ºC

On Wednesday morning and throughout the night, parts of the interior and the coast should expect muggy conditions.

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The National Centre for Meteorology has forecast fair to partly cloudy weather with light to moderate winds for the day. Maximum temperatures in the country could reach up to 28 oC, while Abu Dhabi and Dubai are expected to experience highs of 27 oC.Conversely, internal areas may witness lower temperatures, dropping to 17 oC in Abu Dhabi, 18 oC in Dubai, and as low as 7 oC.

A fog alert has been issued across the nation, warning of potential fog formation leading to a decrease in horizontal visibility. The affected areas include regions where atmospheric conditions may worsen at times, impacting travel and daily activities.

By night and into Wednesday morning, increased humidity levels are anticipated in some coastal and internal areas, with a possibility of fog or mist formation. Abu Dhabi is expected to have humidity levels ranging from 35 to 90 percent, while Dubai may experience levels from 35 to 80 percent.

Sea conditions are forecast to be slight in both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea. This suggests relatively calm sea conditions, providing favorable circumstances for maritime activities.

Given the potential impact of weather conditions on daily routines and travel plans, it is advisable for individuals to stay informed about the latest updates from meteorological authorities. The issued fog alert emphasizes the importance of taking precautions, especially in regions susceptible to reduced visibility. Commuters and travelers should exercise caution, adhere to safety guidelines, and plan accordingly to ensure a secure and smooth experience during the day.

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