UAE Urges Muslims to sight the crescent moon on Sunday for Ramadan 2024

The UAE's moon sighting committee has advised Muslims all over the world to call 026921166 when the moon is visible. This advisory comes ahead of the anticipated commencement of Ramadan, a sacred month in the Islamic calendar.

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The UAE's moon sighting committee has disclosed that Muslims across the nation should anticipate the sighting of the moon by Sunday evening, signaling the onset of Ramadan. It is anticipated that the crescent marking the beginning of Ramadan for the year 2024 will likely become visible on March 10, 2024, corresponding to the twenty-ninth day of the current Islamic month of Shaban.

In line with the announcement, individuals observing Ramadan are strongly advised to reach out to the designated contact number, 026921166, upon witnessing the sighting of the crescent moon. This proactive measure aims to ensure accurate documentation and verification of the moon's appearance, facilitating the official commencement of Ramadan in the UAE.

Furthermore, echoing similar sentiments, Saudi Arabia's moon sighting committee has also made declarations regarding the anticipated visibility of Ramadan's crescent. According to their announcement, the evening of Sunday, March 10, has been earmarked as the expected timeframe for residents to potentially observe the crescent, signifying the imminent arrival of Ramadan.

These coordinated efforts by both the UAE and Saudi Arabia's moon sighting committees underscore the significance of accurate lunar observations in determining the start of Ramadan. By encouraging individuals to report moon sightings promptly, authorities aim to uphold the traditions and practices associated with the Islamic lunar calendar, ensuring alignment with religious observances such as Ramadan.

Overall, the proactive stance taken by the UAE and Saudi Arabia's moon sighting committees reflects a commitment to facilitating the observance of religious rituals with precision and adherence to established protocols. Through effective coordination and community engagement, these initiatives seek to promote unity and adherence to Islamic traditions among Muslims across the region.

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