UAE: University of Sharjah students launch 9 AI innovation projects

Students from the University of Sharjah's College of Computing and Informatics and College of Business Administration showcased a range of innovative projects during the UAE Innovation Month, "UAE Innovates 2024," focusing on artificial intelligence applications aimed at driving positive societal change and improving quality of life.

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One standout project is "Interpreting Sign Language with Artificial Intelligence," catering to the deaf and learning-disabled communities by utilising AI to interpret and translate sign language into written Arabic on electronic devices. This facilitates communication and accurately expresses their needs.

Another notable innovation is the "Artificial Intelligence Engine for Smart Tracheal Intubation Automation," which enhances ventilatory processes by integrating AI with advanced algorithms and machine learning models. It assists healthcare workers in making informed decisions during ventilator procedures, offering real-time guidance and analysis.

The "Smart Surgeon Assistant" supports surgeons by monitoring their health and aiding them during operations, employing AI and advanced technologies to ensure optimal performance and long-term well-being. Additionally, projects like "Controlling a Robotic Arm with Hand Gestures" aim to improve workplace safety by developing robotic systems controlled by human hand gestures, addressing challenges faced by people with disabilities, and benefiting various sectors such as industry, health, and security.

"Traffic Sign Recognition" utilises algorithms to automatically detect and classify traffic signs, aiding in traffic management and enhancing road safety. The "Managing Food Stores with Robots" project streamlines food store management using robotic technologies, optimising tasks like stock management and assisting customers without physical entry, thus reducing disease transmission risks and enhancing shopping experiences.

"Distinguishing between military and non-military aircraft through image analysis" contributes to security and airspace surveillance by employing advanced image processing techniques to automatically differentiate aircraft categories automatically.The "Greenify" platform enables consumers to purchase plants while learning cultivation methods, with a percentage of proceeds allocated to mangrove tree planting, aligning with the UAE's environmental goals.

The "PsychCheck" application aids in diagnosing and monitoring various mental illnesses, while the "Cartoon Application" supports small business owners by offering cost-effective tools for success.

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