UAE: Two Employees Face Legal Consequences After 700,000 AED Transport Mistake

Two employees in Dubai are facing legal consequences after a costly mistake led to the loss of 700,000 dirhams for their company.

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The incident occurred when the two Asian employees failed to follow safety procedures while transporting money. They carried the funds in a bag, walked without hesitation, and neglected to verify the identity of an individual impersonating a detective.

The impersonator managed to deceive the employees, who obediently provided him with information about the contents of the bag. Seizing the opportunity, the imposter stole the money and escaped with the help of other accomplices.

The Dubai Public Prosecution charged the primary offender with theft, while the other accomplice was referred to the misdemeanor court on charges of participation and assistance in the crime. The second accomplice drove the getaway vehicle, and the third attended the incident after coordinating with the thief. The court sentenced all defendants to six months in prison, deportation, and fines equivalent to the stolen amount. The Court of Appeal upheld the ruling, and the case is currently in the cassation stage.

According to the Public Prosecution's investigations, the three defendants collaborated to commit the theft after learning that the victims were carrying large sums of money. The mastermind of the crime planned the theft and presented the idea to his two accomplices, who agreed to execute it with him.

The defendants strategically positioned themselves at a location where the victims were expected to be, with the mastermind wearing traditional Emirati clothing. Approaching the victims, he claimed to be an investigator, requested their IDs, and asked to inspect the contents of their bag. The victims complied, and as soon as the thief grabbed the bag, he signaled his accomplices waiting in a car, and they fled the scene.

The victims reported the incident, leading to the police arresting the two defendants who accompanied the thief. One was found with 4,635 dirhams, and the other had 8,715 dirhams.

During the investigations, the first employee explained that their company's owner instructed them to collect 700 thousand dirhams from an office in the Naif area. While on the street with the money, the imposter, claiming to be a detective, stopped them, ultimately leading to the theft.

Both arrested accomplices initially confessed to the crime in the police evidence report but later denied it during the public prosecutor's investigations. The court, after careful examination, affirmed its satisfaction with the presented evidence.

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