UAE: Sheikh Zayed Festival Celebrates New Year with Drones and Balloons

The organising committee of the Sheikh Zayed Festival 2023-2024, hosted at Al Wathba in Abu Dhabi, has finalised its programme and lineup of cultural and artistic events to mark the New Year and welcome 2024.

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The global cultural entertainment district anticipates drawing a significant number of visitors, residents, and tourists.

New Year Extravaganza:

The Sheikh Zayed Festival is preparing for an incredible New Year's Eve celebration that will include the most spectacular fireworks show, which will light up the sky for a continuous sixty minutes. This show, with its unusual beginning, length, and formation, is expected to set three new Guinness World Records. For those attending the festival for the first time, the breathtaking display of more than 5,000 drones creating intricate and captivating art patterns in the air above Al Wathba is a highlight. A new Guinness World Record has already been set by this captivating performance.

Dazzling Light Shows:

Visitors can also look forward to a spectacular laser show that promises to captivate audiences. The Emirates Fountain will contribute to the visual splendour with distinctive displays synchronised to musical rhythms, creating a harmonious experience for onlookers. The Festival of Festivals will come alive with specially crafted performances, featuring over 100,000 flying balloons that will fill the festival's skies, symbolising joy and happiness for all attendees.

World Records and Aerial Delights:

The Sheikh Zayed Festival aims not only to entertain but also to make history with its ambitious plans. The extensive fireworks display, the drone showcase, and the laser show are poised to leave a lasting mark on the Guinness Book of World Records. As visitors revel in the festivities, they will witness the breaking of new records, adding a unique and memorable dimension to the celebration.

The festival's diverse offerings, from cutting-edge technology displays to traditional cultural performances, create an inclusive and captivating atmosphere for everyone attending. The Sheikh Zayed Festival 2023-2024 is set to be a grand celebration that combines the best of artistic innovation and cultural richness to welcome the New Year in style.

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