UAE Sets Four Conditions for granting green residency to the skilled worker

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has established four prerequisites for granting green residency to skilled workers.

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The authority clarified that it has the discretion to issue a residence permit for employment to a foreign national without requiring a sponsor, provided that the individual is deemed a skilled worker in accordance with the professional standards and classifications sanctioned by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

To qualify for a green residence permit as a skilled worker, several conditions must be met. Firstly, the individual must hold a valid work permit in the country, secured through a legitimate employment contract. Additionally, the applicant must demonstrate proficiency as a skilled worker categorized within the first, second, or third tiers of professional classifications recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

Furthermore, attainment of a bachelor's degree or its equivalent is mandated as the minimum educational qualification. Lastly, the individual's monthly salary must meet or exceed 15,000 dirhams or its equivalent value in foreign currencies.

These stringent criteria underscore the commitment of the UAE government to ensuring that residency permits are granted judiciously and in alignment with the country's workforce localization initiatives. By stipulating these requirements, the government aims to attract and retain highly skilled professionals who can contribute to the nation's economic growth and development.

Additionally, the emphasis on educational qualifications and salary thresholds reflects the government's dedication to promoting a skilled and prosperous workforce in line with global standards.

This framework not only enhances the efficiency of the labor market but also safeguards the rights and interests of both skilled workers and employers. It ensures that individuals entering the UAE job market possess the requisite qualifications and capabilities to excel in their respective fields, thereby fostering a conducive environment for innovation, productivity, and competitiveness.

Overall, the establishment of these conditions for obtaining green residency underscores the UAE's commitment to fostering a vibrant and sustainable economy driven by a skilled and diverse workforce.

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