UAE Schools Transition to Remote Learning Amid Weather Challenges

Private school administrators have decided to temporarily switch from an in-person to a remote learning method on Friday due to the unpredictable weather and ongoing heavy rains in different locations of the Emirate of Fujairah.

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The decision is being described as a cautious one and is mainly driven by worries for the security of administrators, teachers, and students. The Fujairah school administration stressed that this is a temporary change to the curriculum that is intended to reduce any hazards related to the unfavourable weather.

In coordination with the Department of School Transportation Operations in the Northern Emirates, Emirates Transport has implemented an emergency plan to address challenges posed by inclement weather. This plan encompasses specific procedures and instructions for drivers, focusing on safe driving practices in various weather conditions. Training sessions have been conducted for drivers and transportation and safety supervisors, emphasising the importance of bus readiness and suitability for challenging climates.

The outlined procedures include thorough inspections of buses, ensuring the functionality of brakes, tyres, signals, and warning lights. Drivers are advised to avoid acceleration, steer clear of water puddles, refrain from sudden stops, and maintain constant focus on the road and traffic surroundings.

In parallel efforts, Fujairah Police and the municipalities of the Eastern Region have actively communicated weather warnings and instructions through social media platforms. Additionally, they have distributed equipment and mechanisms aimed at removing rainwater accumulated in streets and residential areas. The public has been urged to adhere to the issued instructions, stay away from areas prone to water collection and valley streams, avoid coastal areas, and adhere to specified speed limits in consideration of the challenging weather conditions.

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