UAE reveals extension of distance learning for safety measures until this date

Abu Dhabi's choice to continue remote learning for the rest of the week shows a proactive approach to guaranteeing staff and students' safety and wellbeing in the face of persistent difficulties.

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The emirate's Department of Education and Knowledge has stressed the significance of giving priority to preventive measures in light of the prolonged period of remote learning, with no on-site sessions being held until Friday.

This extension is in line with previous orders from UAE-wide educational organizations. By April 18 and 19, all private schools, nurseries, and universities in Dubai are required by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority to continue providing distance learning. Reiterating the importance of thorough safety procedures prior to resuming normal face-to-face education, the Emirates School Education Foundation has also implemented this rule in government schools across the country.

The protection of students and faculty members is the main goal of these initiatives. Authorities hope that by extending distance learning, they will give government schools and the communities around them more time to get ready. This entails evaluating the infrastructure, putting in place the required safety precautions, and taking care of any possible hazards related to the return to in-person training.

The country's regular existence has been disturbed by unfavorable weather conditions, prompting the decision to increase distance learning. Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have ordered schools to hold remote courses until Wednesday, April 17, due to the recent torrential rainfall, which has been termed the most significant in 75 years. This brief switch to online instruction emphasizes how crucial flexibility and adaptability are for handling unforeseen obstacles.

Private educational institutions in Sharjah have prolonged distance learning until the conclusion of the ongoing four-day week. After engaging in online classes for two days, students will persist in remote study on Thursday, April 18, aligning with directives from local authorities. This collaborative endeavor illustrates a collective dedication to emphasizing the safety and welfare of both students and educators.

Future plans for the expansion of online education are still being decided by educational officials in other emirates. To reduce hazards and guarantee a secure learning environment for all parties involved is still the fundamental objective, though. As things develop further, continuous coordination and communication will be essential to successfully managing the special difficulties brought on by outside variables like bad weather.

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