UAE: Residents Extinguish Pharmacy Fire After E-Bike Battery Explosion

An incident involving an e-bike battery catching fire while being charged outside Life Pharmacy in Business Bay has alarmed eyewitnesses.

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An alarming incident unfolded when an e-bike battery burst into flames during its charging process outside Life Pharmacy in Business Bay, drawing attention from eyewitnesses. They pointed to a likely cause of the blaze, suggesting a short circuit triggered by the dampness surrounding the power socket near the pharmacy.

Recounting the event, a cafeteria worker vividly described the sudden eruption of fire, accompanied by loud bangs, which swiftly engulfed the pharmacy's glass exterior. The quick response from bystanders, aided by the prompt removal of the e-bike, prevented further escalation of the situation.

Confirmation of the fire's origin came from a security guard stationed at Escape Tower, the building housing the pharmacy, who attributed the incident to the explosion of the e-bike battery. Despite occurring at 1:30 pm, authorities managed to swiftly contain the fire, averting more significant damage.

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential hazards associated with e-bikes and e-scooters, despite their widespread use. It underscores the importance of ensuring the quality and safety of batteries and chargers to mitigate such risks.

The root cause of e-bike fires lies in a complex interplay of chemical and practical factors. Chemically, lithium-ion cells can experience thermal runaway, a phenomenon characterized by a rapid increase in temperature and pressure, accompanied by the release of flammable gases. Ignition of these gases, due to the heightened battery temperature, results in a fiercely burning fire that emits toxic fumes, posing challenges for extinguishing and containing the blaze.

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