UAE Rents: Torch Tower Residents Persist Despite Multiple Fires

Due to several recent occurrences, residents at The Torch in Dubai Marina are accustomed to fires.

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Many renters have nevertheless chosen to stay in their houses. Thursday night saw the most recent fire, which started at a ground-level restaurant. Emergency response teams, consisting of police, fire departments, and ambulances, responded quickly to contain the crisis, guaranteeing the safety of the occupants and avoiding the need for an evacuation.

For long-time residents, such scenes have become unfortunately familiar. In August 2017, a fire sparked by a discarded cigarette butt displaced numerous residents, while a major blaze in February 2015, originating on the 51st floor, caused widespread alarm throughout the community.

While some may view these incidents as warning signs, many tenants still find the advantages of living in The Torch outweighing the risks, primarily due to its affordable rents. Anu Tiwari, a long-term resident, highlighted that, despite being situated in the prestigious Dubai Marina, The Torch offers significantly lower rents compared to neighbouring buildings.

One tenant, preferring anonymity, praised the combination of affordability and stunning city views, emphasising the immense value of residing there. Rent for one-bedroom units at The Torch starts at Dh90,000 per year, approximately Dh10,000 lower than similar units in neighbouring buildings. Similarly, two-bedroom flats offer considerable savings compared to nearby alternatives.

In addition to affordability, residents appreciate the strategic location of The Torch, which provides easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road and minimises peak-hour traffic concerns. They also commend the building's security measures and amenities.

Despite occasional fire incidents, residents express confidence in the tower's safety measures and management's proactive approach to implementing and improving safety protocols. While hopeful for a future free from such incidents, they remain reassured by the ongoing efforts to mitigate risks and ensure resident safety.

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