UAE: Region Records New Low of 6.6ºC Temperatures

Winter is supposed to officially begin after December 21, but the UAE has already started to see declining temperatures.

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Jebel Jais records low temperatures in the UAE.

Despite winter officially starting after December 21, the UAE is already feeling the cold, with temperatures dropping significantly. Jebel Jais, one of the UAE's renowned mountain ranges, experienced a chilly low of 6.6 oC at 6 a.m., following a previous dip of 8.8 oC.

Temperature Check Across the Country

Other areas recorded in the temperature drop include Raknah at 7.3ºC, Mebreh Mountain at 8.9ºC, Jabal Al Rahba at 9.2ºC, and Damtha at 10.2ºC. These early signs of winter are surprising residents, as the official winter season is expected to commence later, after December 21.

Well-known for its breathtaking views and pleasant weather, Jebel Jais has become a favourite spot for residents during the winter months. The lower temperatures recorded even before the official winter season has begun add an extra layer of anticipation for the colder weather ahead.

For adrenaline junkies, Jebel Jais offers exciting activities like 'Jebel Jais ziplines' and 'Toboggan ride,' which have adjusted their timings as the winter season approaches. This gives adventure seekers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of these activities in cooler weather.

Weekend Escapes and Cosy Moments

Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the weekend to enjoy the mountains, perhaps with a warm cup of karak chai or, for foodies, a BBQ set. Whether it's embracing the crisp winter air or simply finding an excuse to wear a cosy jacket and see your breath in the cold, there's something for everyone.

This is exciting news for residents who prefer to stay indoors, as some areas in the city could experience a drop to 8 oC today, according to the country's Met department. This early taste of winter serves as a reminder for residents to prepare for the upcoming season and enjoy the refreshing change in weather.

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