UAE Police warns against scammers exploiting fake voices

The Sharjah Police General Command has acknowledged the emergence of "deep fake" crimes facilitated by artificial intelligence as a significant concern in the realm of cybercrimes.

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These crimes pose a particular threat as they can be exploited by individuals of ill intent and fraudsters to impersonate others, leading their victims into traps.

This recognition was made evident during the Sharjah Police General Command's participation in the third edition of the Military Police Exhibition to Combat Drugs and Cybercrimes 2024. The exhibition, inaugurated by Major General Yousef Mayouf Al-Halami, the Commander of the Ground Forces, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Kuwaiti, the Head of Cybersecurity of the UAE Government, highlighted the ongoing efforts to combat cyber threats. The event, attended by senior officers from the Ministry of Defense and other security authorities, is scheduled to run until March 5.

As part of its awareness-raising initiatives, the Sharjah Police General Command recently produced a video illustrating the capabilities of deep-fake technology. This video featured a fabricated conversation between two individuals, demonstrating how voices and audio content can be manipulated using artificial intelligence. The aim is to caution the public about the potential misuse of such technologies by fraudsters and individuals with malicious intentions.

Cybersecurity expert Abdel Nour Sami emphasized that fraudsters often gather images and audio clips from social media to create deceptive content. For instance, they may fabricate messages purportedly sent by children to their families, soliciting money for various reasons. Sami warned against the indiscriminate sharing of video clips, especially involving children, as they could be exploited for fraudulent purposes.

At the Military Police Exhibition, the Sharjah Police's platform, "Be Aware," features interactive stations addressing various electronic crimes, including electronic extortion, telephone fraud, electronic plagiarism, and hacking. The platform aims to educate visitors about the risks associated with cybercrime and provide them with essential security information. Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Ahmed Al Khamiri stressed the importance of such initiatives in enhancing public awareness, fostering a culture of vigilance, and safeguarding digital security.

Furthermore, the rise in fake crimes emphasizes the necessity of increased knowledge and attention in relation to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Authorities want to give people the tools they need to prevent themselves from being victims of these types of criminal operations by educating the public and taking preventative measures.

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