UAE Police launches a new organization for poisons and drugs in Dubai

The Dubai Police General Command, represented by the General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology, has initiated the establishment of the "Arab Criminal Organization for Poisons and Drugs," marking a pioneering step in the Arab region.

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This initiative aims to bolster cooperation, communication, and efforts to elevate scientific and professional standards within the realm of forensic narcotics.

This revelation took place during a press conference that the Dubai Police organised in conjunction with the World Police Summit, which got underway at the Dubai World Trade Centre this morning, Tuesday. The summit, which has as its theme "Unifying global police efforts for a safer future," will take place until Thursday and feature a star-studded lineup of law enforcement agency representatives, experts, and executives from the police and security domains across the globe.

Leading the news conference was Major General Ahmed Thani bin Ghalita Al Muhairi, Director of Dubai Police's General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology. He focused his speech on Dubai Police's leadership in initiating programmes and projects that are meant to improve coordination and communication between different fields, especially when it comes to supporting specialised and scientific research in forensic and criminology labs.

Major General Ibn Ghalita articulated that through this organisation, there is a concerted effort to enhance communication among experts and specialists in the field of poisons and drugs within the Arab world. The organisation aims to foster collaborative efforts in several areas, including global communication, reference comparisons, the submission of reports and recommendations to legislative bodies, and the encouragement of cooperation, information exchange, and dissemination.

Ibtisam Abdul Rahman Al-Abdouli, Director of the Drug Observatory Centre at the General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology, elaborated that the organisation will support various groups, including criminal experts, anti-narcotics officers, judicial authorities, the Public Prosecution, ports, and customs. The organisation's headquarters, situated at the Dubai Police General Headquarters, will spearhead numerous initiatives and programmes aligned with its objectives. Additionally, it will conduct workshops, seminars, and courses in collaboration with the International Centre for Forensic Sciences at Dubai Police.

Al-Abdouli emphasised that the organisation provides an inclusive platform for professionals in drug detection and control, law enforcement agencies, as well as researchers and students interested in joining its ranks. This encompassing umbrella welcomes jurists, judges, doctors, experts, and drug control personnel.

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